I’ve just purchased a new Panasonic VIera LCD TV and was looking to purchase a wall mount. I’ve had a little look online and I am slightly overwhelmed with the amount of models and manufacturers on the market. Can anyone guide me as to what features I should consider when buying one?

Answer by Pioneer
In order to obtain proper bracket you will need to know two pieces on information. First one is the TV size in inches which you probably already know. 32”? 50”? Next piece of info is the TV’s weight. You can find it in the manual, item description of retailer, or if all else fails Google search the weight of you TV model. Once you have these numbers you are ready to get your bracket. All brackets should be build universally so as long as you fall within the giver parameters and limits you will be fine 99.9% of the time. There are three major types of TV mounting brackets. It is up to you to pick the right one for your needs. First kind is a full motion wall mounting bracket that can be used to extended the TV up to 24” from the wall on some models and can be turned in all directions if need. The upside is obvious, the ability to turn the TV in any direction and angle, however the down side is that they are 3-4 times as expensive than other mounting brackets. The second type of bracket is the tilting wall mounting bracket that is not used to extend the TV, but to turn it up or down in limited range. The upside of these brackets is that they are frailly low profile, but do not offer the flexibility. However they are priced the most frailly. There is a third listed type called low profile mounting brackets however there are only very few, so they are not even worth mentioning.

Don’t get sucked into believing that you will have to buy $ 200 bracket from stores. If you buy online you will get the same quality for half the price. I personally recommend Newegg or Amazon. Just pick your sizes and weights correctly and read few customer reviews and ratings.

More info on mounting the bracket and TV:


Answer by Steve

Nice choice of TV.

For starter decided where in the room you want to mount it and if you want it flat against the wall, if you want some degree of tilt or whether you need it to pull away from the wall and turn left and right.

Personally I think these TV’s look best mounted flat on the wall. If this is what you want then you just need a decent quality universal TV mount thats going to hold the weight of your TV and come with all the fixings your need to put it on your wall.

If you’re not sure buy a bracket from a supplier you can talk to on the phone for help and buy a bracket from a company that offers post sales support – the Level Mount brackets from AVNow are great and they have a UK based support phone number if you struggle