What new issues are coming out? We are releasing loads of iPhones which now talk to you to. Sik. Japan has launched a robotic to essentially provide you like a waiter. Laptops and all that are building… Telephones… But what are Thr other new things coming out? Thanks. Also in military phrases. Many thanks!

Solution by Samurai Japan
From Japan:

Toshiba Regza 55″ 4K Glasses-Cost-free 3D Liquid crystal display Tv set at?v=MmsFl8TIWWc&feature=participant_embedded

SONY: Personal 3D Viewer Head Mounted Screen isles/hub/hmd-movie-glasses

These two goods are offered at shop in Japan presently although.

I do not see why so many people and excited about them simply because they seem like they would just give you a enormous headache later on.

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Individually, they give me a headache. I truthfully concur with you, I don’t know what the hubbub is about. I can guarantee you i will not acquire a single.

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Nope, it’s all in coloration, &you never have to use the sort of eyeglasses that give you a headache. I can see where you’re coming from although. But on the TVs and 3DS you can switch the three-D method off when you want.

Response by Tom
They are acknowledged to give individuals problems.

From set/341975.html :

We railed against 3D TVs in the course of a current podcast, and rightfully so. Companies are touting 3D as the next huge issue when, in actuality, it really is a market item for a market market. (C’mon, “Avatar” was not that great and you know it!) Unless of course I see some terribly low costs, I won’t advise a 3D Television to anyone. In reality, even if we list some excellent discounts on 3D TVs, I’ll nonetheless be hesitant. This is why:

1) Price: We have not too long ago seen brand name-name forty two” 120Hz Lcd HDTVs for as minimal as $ 600. (Just take a appear at our latest 120Hz Value Pattern attribute for details.) Even 240Hz types have strike the sub-$ 900 mark. You will find minor explanation to spend above $ 1,000 for a new HDTV except if you want a huge display screen. Customers know that and manufacturers know that. Therefore 3D. When 3D TVs start to hit the market, costs could perhaps hit the $ two,000 mark (or greater). This offers the Panasonics and Sonys of the entire world the capability to sell absurdly-priced HDTVs again.

In addition, to get the most IMAX-like effect out of your new Television, you may want the most significant 3D Tv your credit score card can pay for. You are going to not only shell out a top quality for your TV’s 3D capabilities, but you will need to have to shell out hundreds a lot more for the additional display screen genuine estate. And that is not such as the cost you may spend for 3D articles, be it a new 3D-able Blu-ray player, 3D DirecTV channel, or 3D on-desire. (Samsung will provide 3D TVs that will change Second material to 3D, but the pricing for these sets has yet to be uncovered.)

2) High quality: Most of the 3D TVs I noticed at the Client Electronics Display appeared very good, I won’t get that away from them. But how will my eyes come to feel right after observing three or much more hrs of consecutive 3D movie? How cozy will it be donning 3D glasses above my prescription glasses for an extended period of time of time? And what about films with subtitles. In several of the demos I saw last week, text was a small fuzzy in 3D, specifically when viewing from an angle. How will it look soon after staring at it for two or much more several hours? We’ve currently witnessed reviews about people feeling unwell soon after seeing Avatar — what will come about when you happen to be viewing 3D Television set at home?

three) 3D Eyeglasses: Not like the 80s when you could enjoy a 3D motion picture with cardboard glasses, the majority of the new 3D TVs will call for costly lively 3D glasses (the place the Tv set tells the glasses which eye must see the picture getting displayed) or passive polarized glasses (which use round or linear polarization). These 3D eyeglasses probably is not going to be included with the Tv and, although no manufacturer has revealed pricing, they’re predicted to be in the $ two hundred selection. (Reuters stories that a family members of four could commit up to $ 800 on 3D glasses.) With these prices, I do not see people purchasing several pairs. What takes place when you invite pals above to view a 3D film and they will not have eyeglasses. What if they have 3D glasses, but they are incompatible with your Tv set? An additional setback is that some of the 3D eyeglasses demand charging. Imagine observing a movie and having the battery on your glasses die mid-movie.

4) It’s unsuccessful ahead of: 3D Tv just isn’t new. Equally Samsung and Mitsubishi released 3D DLP HDTVs in 2007 and 2008 (PDF url), respectively. These TVs truly strike retail retailers. How numerous 3D DLP TVs have you noticed?

five) Material: ESPN has committed to broadcasting a least of eighty five stay 3D sporting occasions this yr. Discovery and Sony are planning a 24/7 3D community. DirecTV is teaming up with Panasonic for a joint 3D channel. Samsung is touting its new 3D Blu-ray player. Not a undesirable commence, proper?

The entertainment sector is absolutely giddy about 3D. However, do not count on these businesses to grant you accessibility to this 3D honeypot for totally free. Even if you do have a 3D Tv, anticipate to spend dearly for most 3D material. Request by yourself, “do I really want to observe Dude Fieri in 3D?”

six) The “early adopter” effect: You know it, I know it. When it arrives to technological innovation, early adopters get screwed. As with most 1st-era items, you can assume the initial wave of 3D TVs (and the accompanying glasses) to be ridden with concerns. And with out a established regular for 3D in the property (only the Blu-ray affiliation has a 3D common), we could finish up with numerous formats. In truth, RealD, which offered the tech guiding Avatar, expects to see as several as twelve distinct 3D standards this 12 months. Purchasing a very first-generation 3D Television this year is like buying an Hd-DVD participant circa 2006.

3D is scorching. Avatar has created more than $ two billion around the world. Really frankly, if I have been hawking 3D products, now is the time I’d be performing it. Individually, I’d like to acquire a new LED-backlit Lcd HDTV this summer. The engineering has improved considering that previous year’s CES and, with dozens of models moving into the marketplace this spring, you can relaxation confident we’ll be looking at much better discounts on these premium LCDs.

I know that glasses-cost-free (autostereoscopic or Auto 3D) 3D television is not even available for retail sale in the United States yet it really is only available in Japan now. But an individual who has seen it at a specific demonstration demonstrating has explained that it really is not automatically better than the variety with eyeglasses, that, with eyeglasses-totally free 3D Tv set, the 3D influence is just hardly discernible, and, even then, you have to be positioned just appropriate, specifically in front of the Tv set screen in purchase to get the 3D effect. In other words, this particular person mentioned that it’s crummy. Has anybody else noticed eyeglasses-cost-free 3D Television set, and is this a honest assumption or not? In other words, if you want to get a 3D Television set, is it worth waiting for the eyeglasses-totally free type to strike the market place?

Answer by Samurai Japan
No, I do not consider so.

Toshiba Regza 55″ 4K Glasses-Totally free 3D Lcd Tv set #DigInfo

Next-subsequent gen Tv

What about this? Sony introduced a new Personal 3D Viewer Head Mounted Screen. kingdom/hub/hmd-video clip-eyeglasses

>The Toshiba’s in Japan are basically evidence of principles.
If you were conversing about Toshiba Regza 55″ 4K Glasses-Cost-free 3D Liquid crystal display Television in my statement, you are wrong. It’s not a mere proof of principles. It is a real solution which will be launched and bought in Decemter THIS 12 months in Japan.
And this cutting edge Tv set will detect the position of the user’s experience and adjust the placing for you so that you can get visually optimized 3D influence.
For far more on (sorry Japanese language only)

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I answered this in your other concern, the 3D impact is quite restricted and each producer that has demonstrated off their prototypes are just that… prototypes. The Toshiba’s in Japan are basically evidence of principles. Wait around until finally CES 2014 (January) and you will hear a lot more about prototypes. Samsung suggests they can do it in the next ten years.